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Download and install MLM-ware

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Many thanks for choosing MLM-ware!

On this page were showing you how to install MLM-ware with just a few steps. To use MLM-ware you will also need a license key that you'll receive by email after your successful registration at

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Step 1

Start with downloading the installation program of MLM-ware to you local system.


Hint: Please be aware the file name will most certainly be different from the one in the picture on the right.

Once downloaded you can execute the installation by double-clicking on the file's icon.

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Step 2

When this security warning comes up you should check that "MLM Innovations Limited" is shown as the publisher.

A mouse-click on the publisher's name verifies the publisher.

Hint: All our applications are digitally signed.
The digital signature verifies the genuine software product and ensures that the software has not been manipulated after the upload.

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Step 3

In this dialog you select the language for the installation.

Hint: You will not set the language for using the software but only for the installation!

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Step 4

Please follow the instructions of the setup that which will guide you through the installation process.


Step 5

Once the installation is finished you will be able to launch MLM-ware with a double-click on the icon on your desktop.