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Sunday, 23 Sep 2018

MLMware Company package

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I have been in this industry for 25 years, both corporately and as a Distributor.

In all that time, I have never found a communication and analytical tool as powerful or as flexible as MLM-ware. I use it on a daily basis and I particularly like the support which the MLM-ware team offers its clients, both corporate and end-user.

I strongly recommend Sales Directors, Marketing Directors and Managing Directors to take the time to evaluate this unique software.

Shaun Charity

Country Manager UK, Ireland, Malta
Neways International Europe

The MLM-ware Company Package to connect to the internal systems with just very little administrative effort, so it can easily be used side-by-side with internal systems and Web-Backoffice-Systems. The MLM-ware server applications run seperate and thus completely independant from the internal bonus system.

The MLM-ware Company Package includes everything to get the downline data ready to be used by your Distributorship with MLM-ware:

MLM-ware client application

customcoloursMLM-ware Clientsoftware

  • Free licenses for internal use
  • Currently in the following languages:
    - English
    - German
    - Russian
    ANY other languages can be made available within 2 weeks (per language, translation costs not included in the package)
  • Customization
    • of the software to the Company's Corporate Design and internal wording
    • Mail-merge documents (letters and e-mails) for instant use by Downline partners
    • Queries and analyses adopted to the Company's compensation plan

Server applications

apps s


The MLM-ware Server pack contains 3 applications that manage the communication between the internal systems of the MLM company and the MLM-ware clients.

The applications are:

  • MLM-ware DataProcessor
    This application converts data from the MLM companies internal system so that it can be provided to MLM-ware clients in the  most efficient way.
    The DataProcessor runs as Windows service application.
  • MLM-ware WebService
    The MLM-ware WebService replies to the client's request looks the data up and  provides it to the requesting client. Different from a "normal" web service this application does not publish its interface. Data is handed over directly to the client without temporarily saving it anywhere.
  • MLM-ware AccessControler
    The AccessControler is used to grant, restrict or block access to any Distributors data. Restrictions can be based on ranks or individuals and apply down to single fields.
    Individual access rights can be restricted, blocked or granted within seconds.

All server applications will be adopted to the individual needs and requirements of an MLM company.

SQL-Server Anbindung

Data connection

The MLM-ware DataProcessor connects either directly to the Company's SQL database or can import csv-exports from the database.

For a direct connection the required query has to be a "Stored Procedure" that will be executed by a special user. The MLM-ware DataProcessor connects frequently (e.g. every 6 hours) to the server and requests the latest information.

As an alternative the data can be exported frequently from the server and saved a s a csv file.

iis s


To run the MLM-ware server applications it only needs a Windows Server with activated IIS that can be reached via the internet.

To reduce server load and for security reasons the transmitted information is both encrypted and compressed.

The server applications can run on the MLM company's machines or the functionality can be booked as a service running on a dedicated server in a secure data center in Germany.



  • We provide you with a series of 10 "How To" training videos, customized to teh MLM company's specific needs
    • How to get started
    • How to improve recruiting using MLM-ware
    • How to use MLM-ware for effective follow ups
    • Use MLM-ware to monitor and improve qualifications
    • etc…
  • Free, tailor-made Training sessions at your major events (no speaker fee, only  costs for traveling and accommodation apply)
calendar s

Short setup time, very little effort at Company's side

MLM-ware should be up and running within 2-4 weeks. Most of the setup time is needed for customization of software, integration of the compensation plan and creation of documents, documentation and videos.

The actual effort for the MLM company's IT department will be no more than 8 hours. .

This way any MLM company is able to provide its Distributors an unrivaled tool without really having to touch any internal systems!

Also available

Tailor-made trainings (on request)

Together with an MLM company we develop and conduct Webinars as well as Live trainings to support the Distributors rthe best possible way. Beside integrating basic rules of the compensation plan we also show how MLM-ware can be used to expand a business strategical.

Topics of the trainings focus on:

  • Downline analyses
  • Overviewing a downline
  • Mail-merge documents
  • Maintaining and optimizing qualifications
  • Setting up Company-specific analyses

MLM-ware on CD

On request we provide the installation version of MLM-ware on CD. The DVD case can be branded to the company's corporate design.

The CD always contains the latest version of MLM-ware which includes customized documents, documentation and queries (analyses).

Different from the installations version at this website the version on the CD is tailor made for the MLM company. Additional information and/or documents can easily be added at any time.

MLM-ware handbook

Very popular is the printed version of the documentation. Since we print digitally it is always up to date and can be ordered in small numbers.

This doumcentation is available in German and English and can be branded like the DVD case.


support s

Service Level Agreement Optionen

With different Service Level Agreements (SLAs) wir provide the MLM companies as well as their distributors some options for reaction time.

The standard SLA guaranties a reaction within 24 hours during working days. Since it is necessary to react much faster when running a data server we provide special service accounts for the MLM companies. Any requests coming in there will be forwarded to the Blackberry of the responsible specialist.